Thanks for taking the time to visit. For my first post, I felt it was most appropriate to share a little about myself and maybe even the purpose behind this site.

If I had to pick a word that would best describe me, I think that word would be student. I often take it to an extreme level because I am obsessive about learning and understanding pretty much all things. The exact subject matter isn’t super relevant, however it is often driven by a current or future need. As an example, this website was driven by my belief that if I don’t more intimately understand website infrastructure (servers, proxies, containers and overall architecture), I will become irrelevant at some point and time. All things are on the web and many services are moving to micro-services through containers. So this site is setup using docker containers which allowed me to improve my understanding of not just the process but the benefits. Along with the website, I took a few steps further by setting up locally hosted containers that track analytics and future campaign based data. I also plan to implement a Twitter function to track any mentions of the domain. I know this is boring stuff to most people but for me it is a process to improve myself and hopefully fast track others by sharing my understanding.

I mentioned that the subject matter isn’t relevant because although I am naturally stronger when it comes to technology, I feel technology can be limitless when you have a good understanding of all things that surround it. As an example if you were to come to our house, I would proudly show you a variety of home projects that most people wouldn’t even consider attempting.

Home projects are very much driven by my goal of being self-reliant. We have been fortunate to accomplish a lot of steps that move us closer to goal over the past 7 years. My obsessiveness around learning has been the biggest enabler to many of our accomplishments because it has made them a lot more affordable, mostly because a lot of the work is done by myself or I have found creative ways to (responsibly) finance those projects.

That is it for now. Hopefully I will make time to continue to grow the content on this site and make it more of a tool/platform to help others.

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